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Architektų gildija Ltd. – Architectural Drafting Company

Architektų gildija Ltd. is not only CAD, BIM service provider for US, UK, Australian companies but our company provides architectural  services for Lithuanian market. To find out more please visit out Lithuanian site – Our company is member of Small Design Company Associacion of Lithuania ( ).

We are team of certified freelance architects, archicad, autocad drafters, technicians. Our goal is to help you to boost your productivity expanding your drafting and BIM modeling capabilities by outsourcing drafting services to us. We are using the most advanced architectural CAD / BIM software and our aim is to provide qualitative services of designing, drafting and object modeling at a low price.

No down payment needed. 13 /hour!

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We provide an up-front quotation on the complete project so you’ll know the total cost without any surprises. If the project is open-ended then the standard hourly rate will apply. Either way, you are in control of the cost up-front, so no surprises. start-up story

Sometimes ideas start to float around in the air and those ideas start to influence minds of many people and it is only a question of time when someone will start to implement those ideas to life.

In 2007 company Architectural company Architektų gildija was established, in 2009 Archicad 13 introduced Teamwork concept and in 2013 Jason Fried and David Heinemeir Hanson released a book ” Remote : office not Required“.

For five years our company worked only on Lithuanian architectural and building market and was using simple CAD drafting tools. First turning point was reached when we started hiring experienced cad technicians and architects. At that point we had to start making calculations like how much time we spend on a project, we started to look for a ways how to ensure service quality, drawing accuracy, data compatibility, work float management. And at this point we came to a conclusion that without advanced IT skills, BIM architectural software and data managing solutions no architectural or CAD drafting service company has any perspective. And at that point we have chosen Archicad as our fundamental architectural BIM software.

Second turning point was reached when we understood that we live in a global economy, internet has tools that allows to break through communication barriers ( Skype, Teamviewer, Hubstaff, Podio,, etc.), Archicad has tools that allows us to became integrated in any architectural project developing process and become integral part of any architectural office.

And last but not least discovery was made when we compared drafters hourly rate in our country and in UK or US fees. At that moment we came in to conclusion that we have tools, knowledge and a price competitive advantage. We can offer services of highly qualified drafters at a fraction of a UK or US drafters price. More than that, as our working experience shows, every company that engages in cooperation with us gains additional advantages not only in profit or project development price, but those companies benefit from flexible working ties that allows to efficiently manage fluctuating work loads. There are aditional benefits for our clients like saving money on office space, software and hardware. In other words cooperation with us lets companies to outsmart their competitionlower prices and business risk, higher profit and flexibility in working relations.

And we must say that demand for such Archicad freelance service is high. Our company takes Archicad freelancing in to next level, and that is not just delivering service of a single drafter, but we are capable of delivering services of a group of drafters. Skeptics might say that is hard to keep accountancy of work progress and transparency of work floats, but that is why we offer daily skype communication with your drafter eye to eye, cooperation by using Archicad Teamwork, and working hour accountancy by using Hubstaff (time tracking software with screenshots and activity levels) and money transfer systems like pay pal.

It is funny how different ideas that come from different parts of a world came in to a  core of our current companies philosophy. And it feels great to be a part of such global process.

I hope that we will able to provide our services to much wider audience, and establish long lasting partnership.

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Identification number.: 300935676
Vat number: LT100007404716
phone/fax.: +370 5 273 1063
phone/viber.: +370 684 30306;+370 601 95589
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