BIM services (drafting, modeling)

Building Information Modelling ( Drafting ) is becoming increasingly vital for modern construction projects. Not only does it provide a digital representation of a building project, it also facilitates greater levels of collaboration and interoperability within the design environment.

BIM takes into account sophisticated software and programs that are not just limited to the primitive 2D images that were very much in use in yesteryears. The major advantage of using this service is that the whole of the building product lifecycle is catered to at the click of mere few buttons. The subscribers of this service can look at the whole gamut of design of buildings and then the storage of the data in a secure manner with options for dynamic change and thereon helping in the production as well as actuation of the building into reality. A BIM service guarantees improved project completion time, cost reductions, improved visualization, ease of access to vital information and increased productivity.

Archicad Team delivers consultancy, detailing and Building Information Modelling on a diverse range of new projects and upgrades or expansions to existing facilities.
We provide clients with a dedicated, reliable and proven team for every project regardless of complexity or scale. BIM Drafting Services promotes early engagement to improved efficiencies and encourages a common viewing platform through its data rich 3D BIM model. Working closely with our clients, we bring to the project a wealth of experience in projects through our talented and energetic team. Combined with our proven processes and our integrated project management systems, we can deliver the highest possible product and tailor a flexible solution that caters to the client’s needs.

At Archicad Team, we provide building information modelling, drafting services (or BIM services as they commonly known) using Graphisoft Archicad BIM application which allows changes in one view/area to be replicated automatically in all other views/areas where the changed item appears (including layouts, elevations, schedules or the 3D model itself).
We currently use 3D BIM modelling application for the following project and customer types:

BIM for Retail – We create Archicad BIM models that are used to create detailed plans, sections and elevations as well as accurate equipment and fixture schedules.

BIM Models from Surveys data – We create 3D architectural models from survey data. We already work with a number of developers, contractors and retailers to create accurate models of existing sites.  As well as creation of the 3D model in Archicad from survey data, we model any building alterations and changes from architectural and structural drawings, such as false ceiling and additional structural elements.

BIM for Homebuilders – We create construction drawing sets directly from BIM models created for each house as a part of our residential BIM modeling services. As well as accurate schedules, a full set of drawings required by construction teams is created from the Archicad BIM models.

BIM for Architects – We create models during the design development, tender and construction stages of architectural design projects. As well as creation of clash free models with accurate building materials, we create detailed construction schedules from the models.

One of the key differences between modern BIM technology and traditional software is that BIM software is developed for the design of buildings and their components. The objects created within BIM models represent actual elements within a construction project and therefore this information becomes more useful to designers, installers and cost consultants.
Archicad Team’s goal for all projects is to produce quality deliverables that meets the client’s expectations. To achieve this we develop a plan that ensures the 3D modelling, 2D drawings and electronic data reflects the clients and projects requirements. BIM Drafting Services strategic approach aligns the projects scope, cost and schedule with the client’s to achieve project success.


No down payment needed. 16 /hour!

We provide an up-front quotation on the complete project so you’ll know the total cost without any surprises. If the project is open-ended then the standard hourly rate will apply. Either way, you are in control of the cost up-front, so no surprises.

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