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Who has the time to sit around for weeks, watching the moon wax and wane, wondering if your renderings will be finished today?

The ArchicadTeam’s fast professional architectural rendering service can help. Our team of highly skilled 3D artists will breathe life into your designs, turning them into dynamic architectural renderings that are so real-looking they will blow your clients away. You’ll have to pinch yourselves now and again to check they aren’t looking at the real thing!

Professional renderings are 3D drawings created by graphic designers to help the architects understand the look of the building before its construction. Engineers, contractors, investors, and other stakeholders can also use 3D renders to have a clear visualization of what the final product would be.

Architectural visualizations are vital to bringing your architectural ideas to life. A good graphic renders the scene just as you imagined it, giving whoever views it a realistic feel of what will soon be built on the site.

After all, nowhere is the function more clearly demonstrated than in design, so experiencing some three-dimensional rendering will leave no room for doubt about how your project will look like.

Visualizing your idea was never so easy. Send us your 3D models. We’ll get back to you with your completed rendering fast.

Understanding Architectural Rendering

An architectural rendering is a 2D and 3D visual representation of a future or an existing object or space, representing that object or space as it will be after the construction. Architectural depictions are used for communicating with others about the design of a structure during its pre-construction phase.

An architectural rendering is a valuable sales tool used by the architectural design professional during the sales process. The completed image may also be used to convince investors or others of the merits of the design concept.

The architectural rendering process is an integral part of the architect’s design. From creative pre-visualization to marketing and visual communication, rendering provides a powerful way to represent an idea and gain public support.

The quality of a rendering largely depends on how much research and information the illustrator has or can obtain about the building design before it is built.

How Things Were Done Before Architectural Rendering Software

These days, several computer programs have made creating architectural renderings easier. Special software programs give you more flexibility and create photo-realistic images of your proposed design. And, while it’s nice to have a tool to help you generate these images, it’s also essential to have a good idea of the history of this work. The tools you use can do a lot, but an artist’s eye is irreplaceable.

Architects had to recruit experts capable of accurately rendering their projects’ many details in the past. The ability to convey all of a project’s dimensions, proportions, textures, and lighting accurately took skill and knowledge. These experts’ considerable skill and expertise made it so that architects usually outsourced the job, increasing project expenditures.

Moreover, the computer programs capable of rendering images on computers at the time of emergence were often slow and awkward to use. Rendering an image could take hours, and even then, the results were often unusable. Not many professionals were familiar with this process, so outsourcing was necessary.

The creation of a stunning architectural rendering used to be a painstaking process. But now, real-time rendering is making it possible for architects to DIY their images and get incredible results in just a few clicks with tools that plug directly into CAD or BIM software.

Is Architectural Rendering Different from Architectural Visualization?

Although the difference between rendering and visualization can be unclear, architectural rendering is a subcategory of architectural visualization. Visualization requires multiple steps for bringing a project to life. To create a visualization, you need professional tools to build modeling 3D models, lighting design, animations, shadow effects, textures, and much more.

It’s like building a virtual house: you need to provide information about materials and space allocation – and not be afraid to paint it in your favorite colors!

Architectural rendering is the last stage of the process. 3D rendering software helps to finish the process by combining 2D and 3D images into one photo-realistic image. This way, 3D rendering programs assemble computer-generated images into flawless, lifelike visualizations of buildings.

What Archicad Rendering Services Do We Offer?

At, we are dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality architectural renderings of 3D Archicad models. These models are especially beneficial when creating a building design for numerous reasons. Our team of highly skilled professionals can turn your architectural plans into virtual reality.

We can help you create breathtaking renderings that show your project’s best features and highlight the advantages of using our architecture and engineering firm. Our renderings allow you to see your project from every angle before the first nail is hammered. We’ll help you explore different materials and finishes without any risk.

As for types of rendering, we offer the following sorts of 3D architectural renderings to our clients.

3D Exterior Rendering

When you imagine a property, you can choose to focus on its exterior—say, by imagining it from all angles.

While it’s OK to visualize an exterior of a property from every angle, going a step further and requiring renderings of the surrounding neighborhood gives potential buyers a more appealing perspective on the home.

3D Interior Rendering

Our team of 3D interior design rendering artists can help you make big decisions about decorating a particular space. This architectural rendering is perfect for designing a living room, kitchen, or even a simple bedroom.

It can help you choose the colors, furniture, and even lighting that will bring your home to life. Our freelance professionals can also offer advice on interior design trends and ideas.

3D Floor Plans

When viewed on a flat rectangular plane, it’s tough to get a complete impression of a commercial or industrial property. Realistically, you can only visualize the floor layout in 2 dimensions.

But when viewers are presented with 3D architectural renderings of their project, they can use such advantages as visualizing depth and relative positioning.

3D Aerial Rendering

When you are ready to move forward with building or remodeling an existing property or simply buying one to rent out, you need to know how it will fit into the neighborhood.

Whether designing a landscape for a historical property or creating a unique architectural masterpiece, 3D aerial rendering will help determine the best approach.

An architect will design a bird’s-eye view of the property that will paint an accurate picture of how the property looks in its current state, who lives there, and what activities take place on the land. It will also allow you to see if your plans will work before spending too much time and money on your ideas.

We employ recognized engines to render your architectural project

Architectural rendering is an exciting field because it cannot do by hand. Without the right software, this job simply becomes too arduous.

We use state-of-the-art 3D rendering software like Maxwell, Artlantis, Cinema 4D, and Corona to create photo-realistic images of your projects. We can deliver you the products including Exterior 3D Renders, Photomontages Shadow Studies, and Interior Computer-Generated Images.

We use only trusted rendering software to ensure that your architectural rendering is created with the highest fidelity. Our models can be used to demonstrate both the exterior and interior of your design, helping you sell your ideas to clients or plan for development applications.

Benefits of outsourcing ArchicadTeam’s 3D architectural rendering Services

Architectural visualization is a powerful solution. It addresses all the challenges of traditional methods and offers significant benefits, including faster, leaner, and more inventive design; easier visualization of urban planning concepts; pooling of resources; wider stakeholder involvement; clear visualization that drives decisions.

When you outsource architectural rendering services to ArchicadTeam, you can expect to reap the following benefits.

Visualize Your Ideas to Life

A 3D architectural rendering is not only a tool for visualizing your ideas but can also be used to rehabilitate an existing property to make it easier to sell.

Architectural renderings can be very helpful for homeowners and real estate agents alike. 3D renderings allow you to see the depth and height of a room in a given area of the home.

They also let you see furnishings and appliances, making your property more enticing. Where are the furniture pieces placed, the lighting fixtures, the airflow, the wallpaper color scheme? These are all critical factors that need to be incorporated into your design.

Architectural renderings will show you or your clients what improvements could be made, such as adding a deck or changing the fence. All of our 3D artists specialize in architectural rendering. They know precisely how to bring any idea to life, from the first spark of creativity to a finished product that you can hold in your hand.

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to improve your living space, think of outsourcing this service.

Boost the Progress of Your Projects

Whether you’re in the process of designing your next groundbreaking project or are in the market searching for an architectural rendering partner, ArchicadTeam is here to make it fast and easy.

While you outsource rendering services, one of the things you should think about is the timeline and the budget for your project. Going through a complex architectural project always means that you need to go beyond the schedule, which means you risk exceeding the budget.

Architectural rendering costs can cost you a pretty penny. Because we feel that you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to see a home in 3D, we offer our services at competitive prices.

We have all the architectural design software you need to complete successfully. We do the hard work so that you can focus on what matters.


We provide an up-front quotation on the complete project so you’ll know the total cost without any surprises. If the project is open-ended then the standard hourly rate will apply. Either way, you are in control of the cost up-front, so no surprises.

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